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 Advanced Seminar in Social Studies

This course is the capstone of the Social Studies experience and is for students who are self-motivated, love to read, write and talk about their reading and writing. This course is a genuine seminar experience exactly like you’ll find in college. The students in the class select non-fiction books from all areas of the social sciences, read the books, discuss the books and design ways to take the books’ contents into the larger community. You need to get the permission of the department chair, and you need a teacher recommendation to get into this class. You don’t need all A’s, you do need to have a passion for the social sciences and a willingness to share your opinions. Think of it as a book club on steroids, and you’ll have a good sense of what the course is like. This course is only available in the Fall Semester at the Honors level and is capped at 16 students.