Honors information

What does it mean to take Honors Social Studies?  In general, we are looking for students who fit the following criteria.  Though they do not necessarily all lend themselves to quantification, we find that the students who have found success in the Honors program in the past match up with all of these qualities and attitudes.

  • Students should not be absent more than 3 times a semester. (Successful Honors students are those who are absent 3 times a semester or less.)
  • Students should complete homework at a 95% rate or higher without urging/prompting from parents and teachers.
  • Students should be active participants in class discussion.
  • Students should be able to articulate an opinion and then support it with evidence both in writing and orally.
  • Students should be curious about the world.  They should be knowledgeable about current events and take in news sources regularly and independently.
  • Students should read for pleasure.
  • Students should be motivated
    • by a desire to master the material;
    • to work hard every day;
    • to find success in a classroom setting.
  • Students should
    • enter the class knowing how to prepare for tests and quizzes,
    • enter the class having a solid organizational skill base and be able to take organized, thorough notes in class.
  • Students, in all forms of course assessments, should exhibit a high level of achievement and demonstrate a mastery of content in order to continue at the Honors level in subsequent years.
  • Students, on the whole, should welcome a challenge, and be resilient in the face of failure.  Honors is a hard curriculum for all of our students, and a big part of the process is learning from mistakes and improving after failure.

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