Summer work

Students in AP World History should visit the class blog at:

Students taking AP Psychology, should visit the class wikispace at:

Students taking AP US history should see Mr. Carr for the summer work assignment.

Textbook Return time!

It is that time of year when students are required to turn in their textbooks to their teachers, so drag it out from under the bed, pull it from the trunk of the car where it was useful as weight for traction in the winter, or un-prop your doors and bring it to your history teacher.

In order for students to receive their final exam, they must return the book that they were assigned at the beginning of the course to the teacher.  In the event that the book has gone missing, students are expected to provide a check or cash to cover the replacement cost of the text.  For both the US I and II books (The Americans) and for the WH II book (World History: Patterns of Interaction) the replacement cost is $65.  Checks should be made out to Burlington High School.

To help with the book identification, pictures of each textbook for the core courses are below.



May Madness begins!

Each year the AP World History students enter into a competition known only as May Madness, where they do a blind draw to become different leaders from World History and battle their way to become the greatest leader of all time. Don’t see your favorite here this year?  Check back next year!

The brackets will be posted here and updated, and if you want to play the bracket to see how much you think you know about different leaders, you can play Round One by clicking the links for each period.  As they get winnowed down, check back for updated brackets!  Let the Madness begin!

Period 3

Period 3 total bracket

Period 4

Period 4 total bracket



New Elective! Modern America

The Social Studies Department is pleased to announce a new elective for the 2013-2014 school year: Modern America, 1960-2012.  The course will track the major events in American history in that time period, and ask the Essential Question: Does pop culture really reflect a society?  Want to know more?  Watch the trailer…

Welcome to the Social Studies Department

This site is currently under construction.

The faculty members in the department for the 2012-2013 school year are:

Mr. Todd Whitten (Dept. Chair) AP World History, US-China Relations

Mr. Jack Bridge World History II, US History I, US History II

Ms. Jennifer Brumby, World History II, Sociology, Facing History and Ourselves

Mr. Matt Carr AP US History, US History II

Ms. Joyce Carey US History I, US History II

Mr. Michael Coughlin US History II, Intro to Law

Ms. Stephanie Fishel, World History II, Psychology, AP Psychology

Ms. Rachel Gould (on maternity leave, 2012)

Mr. Dan MacKay US History I, US History II

Mr. Michael Milton World History II

Mr. Robert Parkin US History I, International Studies

Mr. Todd Saxon US History I, Intro to Economics