Snow Day Work

For the Social Studies Department, each grade will complete a project that is based in civics.  We are partnering with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, the Town of Burlington and our state representatives to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen our students’ understandings of how state and local government functions, and how they can participate in those institutions.

Below are links to the assignments for each grade.  The links connect to Documents in Google Drive which contain instructions and materials.  All assignments are due by June 1, and should be returned to the individual student’s teacher and should not be submitted to this website.

9th Grade–Voting Project description, Supporting Materials

10th Grade–Town Government Project Description, Supporting Materials

11th Grade–State Government Project Description, Supporting Materials

Should you have questions about the project, or have difficulty accessing any of the above materials, please contact your teacher directly.  Please note that you will need to be signed into the Burlington Public Schools’ domain in order to access these documents.  Please do not request access from outside accounts, as that access will not be granted.


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