Social Studies Electives III

Examining Feminism Through Popular Culture

This seminar-style course asks students to consider what feminism looks like today, and does a women’s movement still exist? The class will explore feminism and its evolution through the lens of popular culture, specifically music, television and film. The students will examine contemporary gender relations, notions of equality, and societal expectations and norms.

US-China Relations

This seminar-style course examines the complex relationship that has existed between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. Starting with the establishment of relations by President Richard M. Nixon and Chairman Mao ZeDong in 1972 through deception and misdirection through the most recent meeting between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, this course will dig into the military, economic, environmental and human relationships between the two nations poised to be the major competitors of the 21st Century. Students will be asked to project the future in this course, as well as complete complex reading and analysis of trends.

A History of Rock and Roll

This course does exactly what the title says: it explores the history of the musical genre of Rock and Roll. Beginning with its roots in the early 20th Century, students in the class will follow its development out of blues and rockabilly into the rock music of the end of the century. The class will listen to and discuss the music of landmark rock groups, examine the instrumentality of rock, and explore the social implications and impacts of rock music on American culture and social life.

Argumentation and Reasoning

This course covers the philosophy of reasoning and argumentation and mathematical symbolic logic. Students in this class will learn to construct and deconstruct logical arguments, identify and refute logical fallacies, and practice their rhetorical skills. In other words, take this class if you want to learn how to argue and win your arguments!